Journey to Bremen

18 April 2015

Today buy a bus ticket towards Bremen through felix bus…At noon set my journey and reached at night about 6 hours later from berlin to bremen…..

Next day was nothing to do..just relax…


Got my Visa to Germany!!

Friday 17 April 2015

Got my visa to Germany on 13 April and buy ticket through Qatar airlines that day.Thanks to christian zürpel for giving me my long cherished visa.I confirmed my journey on friday 17 at 8 am morning.

Then on that very day went to airport,do necessary checkings,pass immigration office and wait for boarding..and finally got into the plane.There was a break at Doha airport which is so beautiful and large airport!

After some long journey reached Berlin at 6:30 pm.It was so cold wind..ugh freezing!!!

Went to one my relatives house and spend that night there..tired..but happy!!!