Sex with Heidi 15.01.16

How I contact

As usual I found her in website,then took her number and I found her in whatsapp! Then I started chatting with her and she talks about all her services,price etc.Then I told her I wanna come to you tonight and we fixed the time at 10 pm.

How did she look like?

Heidi is such a beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.She is young, hot,sexy simply perfect in every aspect.She has nice boobs,body all perfect! She is from Czeck Republic.She is 28 years old blondy.She took 80 euro for half an hour sex and I think she worth paying!

Sex story 🙂

First I paid her..after a few minutes she came in the room and lock the door.She undress herself fully so as I.Then she went to the bed and I lay on the bed.She took my dick in her hand and put condom onto it.Then she took my dick inti her mouth and sucks it slowly.It was amazing feelings! Then I hold her hand and give kisses..her hand was so cute and white lol.After a while we go to missionary position but first I suck her nipples firmly, she moans…thwn I kissed her in the lips and she kissed back as well.Next I go down her body and keep kissing her body.I went to her clitoris and lick it..then firmly suck it..she moans further..I put my dick inside her pussy and start fucking her slowly,,,she likes it and wanted more fast and shout fick mich! fick mich! I lift her ass by my hands and keep thrusting…..

Then we change the position to doggy.I started fucking her very fast this time.She keep moaning and the thrusting sound got louder and louder…!!!! After a few minutes I came out!

Then I went to washroom and clean myself,put on my with her a bit and finally she hugs me with a smile and I came back home.

How much you satisfied?

This was one of my memorable incident in my life.She was so beautiful and I was happy to have such a good time with her!Frankly, I fall in her love! and I still talk with her and chat.I really like her but I know she is professional! I want to go to her again….


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