Sex with Kate 30 Sep 2015

# How did you find her?

As my exams were closer I much needed a way to relax my mind.So I search for a girl with whom I can spend a good time.I found the girl kate very attractive.She is very beautiful,nice body and blue eyes with blonde hair.I called her that morning but she didn’t answer.Then I message her to call me back and after a while she called me back.she speaks good english.I asked her that I wanna come at night.She said ok.

# Her characteristics..

She lived in Erassmusstr 3 in walle.I went there and knock her bell.It was bit difficult to find her house but finally I called her and did find.She welcomed me.I paid 100 euro for half an hour.She was from Russia and 28 years old.We introduce each other.

# The main event 🙂

she took off her clothes and helps me to do mine.Then I kissed her firmly biting her lips.Then she took my dick and keep sucking it slowly.After a while I go down to her and sucks her boobs,hold them in my hands.Then I go further down to her directly into her clitoris.I keep licking her clit and she deepen her breath…Then I keep sucking firmly and licking one after one and she moans…Then after some times she got so eraused and keep shaking her whole body! It was amazing to watch 🙂

Then I insert my dick into her pussy and thrust.After a while she went for doggy,my best position lol , and I keep thrusting her harder and harder until I came out all over her ass!!!!!

Then she take off the condom off me and I went to washroom.From there I puton clothes.She smiles and give me a hug as well as kiss before I left her place.I came back to home by tram.Next morning I wrote a thanksgiving text to her and she replies me with complement 🙂 😀

# Your thoughts about this pleasure

She was really cute and well behaved person.I really liked her talk,attitude.It was indeed one of my memorable time in my life.


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