Sex with Jessica 09 Sep 2015

# How did I contact?

Jessica is a hot and really cute girl from Romania.She has nice shaped boobs and ass as well.She lived in Waller Heerstr. 179 and I called her that night.She pickup the phone and I asked her if she is free tonight.She said yes to me.Then I went to her place at about 11 pm!

#How much you paid and whats her characteristics?

I paid her 5o euro for half an hour.when I knocked at her bell,she came out from 2nd floor and giave a beautiful smile.She was wearing bra and panty.She was good in English that actually ease my nervousness! we talked for a while about each other.She was 22 years old.

# what happened afterwards?

After I paid her,she went to the bed lying,I took off my shirts and came to the bed and lay beside her. She take off my Jeans and continues to rub my dick.Then I kissed her in the neck and hold her boobs,suck it.Then she started to suck my dick with her beautiful leaps.It was great feelings.She continues to suck deeper and more firmly….Then she ride on my top and started to going up and down with my dick inside her pussy!!!

Next she go for doggy and I massage her beautiful ass and then insert my dick into her pussy.She moans with pain and smiles at me.Then I keep thrusting her in and out…in and out..I keep thrusting as fast as possible and finally I came out! I still keep fucking her for a while until my dick calms down lol 😀

Then she take off the condom from my penis and I got freshed and put on my clothes.Then she gave me a hug and I get out of her room.After that I take the tram and reached home!

# What is your thoughts about this beautiful moment?

Well TBH it was really great time.I enjoyed the whole time with this cute girl.It would be one of memorable days in my life!!!! 😀 A big thanks to her…



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