Sex with Nina 25.08.15 (great one)

How I contact?

This is my third time sex with a call girl called Nina lives in close to walle, utbremer str. But the problem is when I called her she cant speak English not even german!! Fuck…but somehow I texted her for address and she gave it to me.And now its time to go at night about 11 pm.I took the tram and then a bus to walle and reached there.I used GPS to find the house but at first I couldn’t see the house no.After some looking around I finally found the house and ring the bell and she opened.

How was she look like?

She was from Romania as I thought she would,she is of course white and yeah she looks beautiful little girl with blonde hair,blue eyes.She has nice body as well and also not very tall.She was quite friendly.

The sex time…

First she tries to open my jeans but I told her not now.I need to explore your body first.Then I wrap her from behind and start kissing her neck,back and then ass.Next I took of my shirt but jeans on.I lay on bed and she ride on top of me.I kissed her neck again..hold her boobs,kissed them.she bite my ear as well! Then I go on top of her and kissed her whole body..Then go down to her pussy and start licking it! Then I insert my two fingers inside her pussy and keep thrusting…at the same time licking her clitoris.She was moaning and finally she stood up shivering ^_^ Then I kissed her face,neck again and finally I took off my jeans and she put a condom on me.I started fucking her slowly and then faster and faster.I ejaculate soon but I still keep thrusting!!! The didn’t notice that.Because I took Sildenafil I got my erection on 🙂 I keep thrusting faster than before and it was sound louder when I thrust and her face got red and she grab my hair in pain..Then finally I stopped.

How was the sex Experience?

Frankly, It was the best sex experience for me! I loved it so much and satisfied.Then I put my clothes on and she gave me hug.I came back home.


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