Sex with Lara

On 18 July, I had sex with Lara,a beautiful girl from Lithunia.She lives in Werderstr. 17, when I reached there at about 10 pm,that building is a whorehouse actually.There are like dozen of girls living in different floors,all of em are prostitute!So I ring the bell and called her,she receives after 2nd time call and I asked her to open the door.Then I came inside the building and she was standing smiling in her door.I came inside,she immediately asks for payment and I paid her 50 euro.She is wearing a towel as she was bathing right before.She told me she came in germany 1 year ago and start this job.She quickly take off her towel and sleep on the bed! Thats really nice view which cannot be described in words!!! Then I took off my shirt and go on top of her, kissded in her neck,face…then on her soft lips…she responds too,trying to bite me with her teeth….

Then go down her,touched her boobs,squeeze and kiss.she smiled.Then suck her nipples hard..she moans and smiles more loudly.I do the same to her another boob.Then I go down further,kissed her belly,again kiss her lips…

Finally touched her clit,rub it gently,she moans little.Then kiss and lick with my tounge in her clit.Started sucking and kissing her clit.Next insert my middle finger in her pussy  and take it in and out.I try to feel her G spot up wall of vagina.I found a rough,hard rigit parts like tube,I found it also when I was rubbing her clit.I stroke against it and she moans and sounds.It also sounds in her pussy when I in and out my finger.She holds my head tightly as I continue sucking her clit and fingering at the same time.She shivering and came out!! OOPS…That was some experience to remember long time 😀

Unfortunately it took long time spending her pussy.I was paid for 30 min only.So next she quickly suck my dich and massage with her hand.After a few minutes I came out!!!


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