Plan for Second Time Sex

My first time having sex was 26 April 2015 with a beautiful girl Julia which costs me 150 euro!! I know that was bad deal but hey it was my first time and I was a bit nervous and curious so…it pays off!! well now Im planning for second time having sex but this time with full preparations.Here I will explain all plans:

  • First I ordered 2 viagra pill online costs 18 euro..( I know I can do it without pill but for staying long it requires..)
  • when I get my delivery I will call a suitable beautiful sexy girl and negotiate with her first.This time I wont spend more than 100 euro.Also I will clear everything that I want to do with her like ( kissing,cuddling,hold and suck her boobs,lick her pussy,fingering…she gives me blowjob,69,sit on top,doggy).
  • If everything above goes well ask her to come to my place.Buy some beer for her too..
  • on that day before 1h take one pill and wait for her to come.
  • when she arrives give her drink,sit beside her,talk with her about my fantasies,ask about her…then tell her to sit on my lap and cuddle,kiss…
  • Then take her hand and stand,dance with her,squeeze her boobs,ass (dont undress her yet!) kiss gently and then hard,kiss her neck..
  • Then take her to your bed..take off her shoes first..lick and kiss her toe…take off her top also bra.Then kiss and suck her boobs..take some time.Then kiss down of her..her belly…Finally take off her pants,panty and massage her clit…suck and kiss her pussy (Take lot of time here to warm her up!) Fingering if she agrees before..try to give her orgasm!!
  • Now fuck her from behind or ask her to sit on you (whatever u like..but dont go for missionary!)
  • If u finish here then wait untill u regain ur strength!
  • Next go for 69!
  • Dont get out this time!Fuck her in doggy style..if u still left go for missionary….!!!

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