Multiple Sex with Elissa!!!

Elissa from Arabic was a hot girl

I had sex with this amazing arabic girl Elissa.She had nice boobs,I like to suck them all the times.I did 5 times sex with her!

She is good in blowjob.I tried all positions and licked her pussy all the way!



Sex with Heidi 15.01.16

How I contact

As usual I found her in website,then took her number and I found her in whatsapp! Then I started chatting with her and she talks about all her services,price etc.Then I told her I wanna come to you tonight and we fixed the time at 10 pm.

How did she look like?

Heidi is such a beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.She is young, hot,sexy simply perfect in every aspect.She has nice boobs,body all perfect! She is from Czeck Republic.She is 28 years old blondy.She took 80 euro for half an hour sex and I think she worth paying!

Sex story πŸ™‚

First I paid her..after a few minutes she came in the room and lock the door.She undress herself fully so as I.Then she went to the bed and I lay on the bed.She took my dick in her hand and put condom onto it.Then she took my dick inti her mouth and sucks it slowly.It was amazing feelings! Then I hold her hand and give kisses..her hand was so cute and white lol.After a while we go to missionary position but first I suck her nipples firmly, she moans…thwn I kissed her in the lips and she kissed back as well.Next I go down her body and keep kissing her body.I went to her clitoris and lick it..then firmly suck it..she moans further..I put my dick inside her pussy and start fucking her slowly,,,she likes it and wanted more fast and shout fick mich! fick mich! I lift her ass by my hands and keep thrusting…..

Then we change the position to doggy.I started fucking her very fast this time.She keep moaning and the thrusting sound got louder and louder…!!!! After a few minutes I came out!

Then I went to washroom and clean myself,put on my with her a bit and finally she hugs me with a smile and I came back home.

How much you satisfied?

This was one of my memorable incident in my life.She was so beautiful and I was happy to have such a good time with her!Frankly, I fall in her love! and I still talk with her and chat.I really like her but I know she is professional! I want to go to her again….

Sex with Kate 30 Sep 2015

# How did you find her?

As my exams were closer I much needed a way to relax my mind.So I search for a girl with whom I can spend a good time.I found the girl kate very attractive.She is very beautiful,nice body and blue eyes with blonde hair.I called her that morning but she didn’t answer.Then I message her to call me back and after a while she called me back.she speaks good english.I asked her that I wanna come at night.She said ok.

# Her characteristics..

She lived in Erassmusstr 3 in walle.I went there and knock her bell.It was bit difficult to find her house but finally I called her and did find.She welcomed me.I paid 100 euro for half an hour.She was from Russia and 28 years old.We introduce each other.

# The main event πŸ™‚

she took off her clothes and helps me to do mine.Then I kissed her firmly biting her lips.Then she took my dick and keep sucking it slowly.After a while I go down to her and sucks her boobs,hold them in my hands.Then I go further down to her directly into her clitoris.I keep licking her clit and she deepen her breath…Then I keep sucking firmly and licking one after one and she moans…Then after some times she got so eraused and keep shaking her whole body! It was amazing to watch πŸ™‚

Then I insert my dick into her pussy and thrust.After a while she went for doggy,my best position lol , and I keep thrusting her harder and harder until I came out all over her ass!!!!!

Then she take off the condom off me and I went to washroom.From there I puton clothes.She smiles and give me a hug as well as kiss before I left her place.I came back to home by tram.Next morning I wrote a thanksgiving text to her and she replies me with complement πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

# Your thoughts about this pleasure

She was really cute and well behaved person.I really liked her talk,attitude.It was indeed one of my memorable time in my life.

Sex with Jessica 09 Sep 2015

# How did I contact?

Jessica is a hot and really cute girl from Romania.She has nice shaped boobs and ass as well.She lived in Waller Heerstr. 179 and I called her that night.She pickup the phone and I asked her if she is free tonight.She said yes to me.Then I went to her place at about 11 pm!

#How much you paid and whats her characteristics?

I paid her 5o euro for half an hour.when I knocked at her bell,she came out from 2nd floor and giave a beautiful smile.She was wearing bra and panty.She was good in English that actually ease my nervousness! we talked for a while about each other.She was 22 years old.

# what happened afterwards?

After I paid her,she went to the bed lying,I took off my shirts and came to the bed and lay beside her. She take off my Jeans and continues to rub my dick.Then I kissed her in the neck and hold her boobs,suck it.Then she started to suck my dick with her beautiful leaps.It was great feelings.She continues to suck deeper and more firmly….Then she ride on my top and started to going up and down with my dick inside her pussy!!!

Next she go for doggy and I massage her beautiful ass and then insert my dick into her pussy.She moans with pain and smiles at me.Then I keep thrusting her in and out…in and out..I keep thrusting as fast as possible and finally I came out! I still keep fucking her for a while until my dick calms down lol πŸ˜€

Then she take off the condom from my penis and I got freshed and put on my clothes.Then she gave me a hug and I get out of her room.After that I take the tram and reached home!

# What is your thoughts about this beautiful moment?

Well TBH it was really great time.I enjoyed the whole time with this cute girl.It would be one of memorable days in my life!!!! πŸ˜€ A big thanks to her…


Sex with Nina 25.08.15 (great one)

How I contact?

This is my third time sex with a call girl called Nina lives in close to walle, utbremer str. But the problem is when I called her she cant speak English not even german!! Fuck…but somehow I texted her for address and she gave it to me.And now its time to go at night about 11 pm.I took the tram and then a bus to walle and reached there.I used GPS to find the house but at first I couldn’t see the house no.After some looking around I finally found the house and ring the bell and she opened.

How was she look like?

She was from Romania as I thought she would,she is of course white and yeah she looks beautiful little girl with blonde hair,blue eyes.She has nice body as well and also not very tall.She was quite friendly.

The sex time…

First she tries to open my jeans but I told her not now.I need to explore your body first.Then I wrap her from behind and start kissing her neck,back and then ass.Next I took of my shirt but jeans on.I lay on bed and she ride on top of me.I kissed her neck again..hold her boobs,kissed them.she bite my ear as well! Then I go on top of her and kissed her whole body..Then go down to her pussy and start licking it! Then I insert my two fingers inside her pussy and keep thrusting…at the same time licking her clitoris.She was moaning and finally she stood up shivering ^_^ Then I kissed her face,neck again and finally I took off my jeans and she put a condom on me.I started fucking her slowly and then faster and faster.I ejaculate soon but I still keep thrusting!!! The didn’t notice that.Because I took Sildenafil I got my erection on πŸ™‚ I keep thrusting faster than before and it was sound louder when I thrust and her face got red and she grab my hair in pain..Then finally I stopped.

How was the sex Experience?

Frankly, It was the best sex experience for me! I loved it so much and satisfied.Then I put my clothes on and she gave me hug.I came back home.

Sex with Lara

On 18 July, I had sex with Lara,a beautiful girl from Lithunia.She lives in Werderstr. 17, when I reached there at about 10 pm,that building is a whorehouse actually.There are like dozen of girls living in different floors,all of em are prostitute!So I ring the bell and called her,she receives after 2nd time call and I asked her to open the door.Then I came inside the building and she was standing smiling in her door.I came inside,she immediately asks for payment and I paid her 50 euro.She is wearing a towel as she was bathing right before.She told me she came in germany 1 year ago and start this job.She quickly take off her towel and sleep on the bed! Thats really nice view which cannot be described in words!!! Then I took off my shirt and go on top of her, kissded in her neck,face…then on her soft lips…she responds too,trying to bite me with her teeth….

Then go down her,touched her boobs,squeeze and kiss.she smiled.Then suck her nipples hard..she moans and smiles more loudly.I do the same to her another boob.Then I go down further,kissed her belly,again kiss her lips…

Finally touched her clit,rub it gently,she moans little.Then kiss and lick with my tounge in her clit.Started sucking and kissing her clit.Next insert my middle finger in her pussy Β and take it in and out.I try to feel her G spot up wall of vagina.I found a rough,hard rigit parts like tube,I found it also when I was rubbing her clit.I stroke against it and she moans and sounds.It also sounds in her pussy when I in and out my finger.She holds my head tightly as I continue sucking her clit and fingering at the same time.She shivering and came out!! OOPS…That was some experience to remember long time πŸ˜€

Unfortunately it took long time spending her pussy.I was paid for 30 min only.So next she quickly suck my dich and massage with her hand.After a few minutes I came out!!!

Plan for Second Time Sex

My first time having sex was 26 April 2015 with a beautiful girl Julia which costs me 150 euro!! I know that was bad deal but hey it was my first time and I was a bit nervous and curious so…it pays off!! well now Im planning for second time having sex but this time with full preparations.Here I will explain all plans:

  • First I ordered 2 viagra pill online costs 18 euro..( I know I can do it without pill but for staying long it requires..)
  • when I get my delivery I will call a suitable beautiful sexy girl and negotiate with her first.This time I wont spend more than 100 euro.Also I will clear everything that I want to do with her like ( kissing,cuddling,hold and suck her boobs,lick her pussy,fingering…she gives me blowjob,69,sit on top,doggy).
  • If everything above goes well ask her to come to my place.Buy some beer for her too..
  • on that day before 1h take one pill and wait for her to come.
  • when she arrives give her drink,sit beside her,talk with her about my fantasies,ask about her…then tell her to sit on my lap and cuddle,kiss…
  • Then take her hand and stand,dance with her,squeeze her boobs,ass (dont undress her yet!) kiss gently and then hard,kiss her neck..
  • Then take her to your bed..take off her shoes first..lick and kiss her toe…take off her top also bra.Then kiss and suck her boobs..take some time.Then kiss down of her..her belly…Finally take off her pants,panty and massage her clit…suck and kiss her pussy (Take lot of time here to warm her up!) Fingering if she agrees before..try to give her orgasm!!
  • Now fuck her from behind or ask her to sit on you (whatever u like..but dont go for missionary!)
  • If u finish here then wait untill u regain ur strength!
  • Next go for 69!
  • Dont get out this time!Fuck her in doggy style..if u still left go for missionary….!!!